Community Info

Village Population:
39,581 (2010) U.S. Dept.Commerce-Census Bureau

Plainfield Township Population:
  80,318 (2011)

Median Age:

Land Area:
7.5 square miles in Will County

Village of Plainfield Average Household Income:
$146,171 (2011)

Median Property Value:
$315,047 (2006)

Average Annual Property Tax On Median-Priced Home:

35 miles to Chicago's Loop
40 miles to O'Hare Int'l. Airport
30 miles to Midway Airport
2 miles to Interstate 55
7 miles to Interstate 80
12 miles to Interstate 88

Will County

Average Winter Temp.: 21F
Average Summer Temp.: 73F
Average Annual Rain: 32.3 in. Average Annual Snow 40.3 in.

Health Care:
There are four hospitals in the Plainfield Area
Click here to see a list of Plainfield hospitals

Houses Of Worship:
Plainfield has 2 non-denominational and 22 denominational churches
Click here to see a list of Plainfield churches

Plainfield Public Library District:
Plainfield Public Library has 70,185 volumes
Library Web Site

The Enterprise (Weekly)
Herald News, Plainfield/Shorewood Edition (Daily)
Plainfield Patch (Daily On-Line)
Triblocal Plainfield (Daily On-Line)

Village Of Plainfield:
Village President, 6-member Board of Trustees, full-time Administrator and staff with a budget for police, planning, streets, water and sewer, and administrative services.
Village Web Site

Police Protection:
51 full-time officers;
19 full-time, 14 part-time civilian employees

Water Supplier:

Water Source:
Lake Michigan

Fire and Ambulance Protection District:

The PFPD provides a 5-7 person Firefighter/Paramedic crew at all four stations on a 24/7/365 day per year basis.  All emergency services are provided around-the-clock.

The Administrative Offices including the Fire Prevention Bureau and Emergency Services Coordinator’s office are open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. or by appointment.

Fire Insurance Rating:

Class 3

Plainfield Community Consolidated School District 202:
4 high schools, 7 middle schools , 17 elementary schools, and 1 Early Learning Center.
District 202 Web Site

Plainfield Township Park District:
80+ parks totaling more than 1,400 acres including the Recreation/Administration Center, Streams Recreation Center, Normantown Equestrian Center, Ottawa Street Pool, Plainfield Township Community Center and Heritage Professional Center, 3 dog parks, 2 skate parks, splash pad, picnic shelters, athletic fields, fishing ponds, canoe access, sled hills, outdoor ice skating areas, playgrounds, Frisbee golf course and much more.
Plainfield Park District Web Site

Sources: U.S. Bureau of Census, Equifax National Decision Systems (ENDC), Village of Plainfield, Plainfield Township, Plainfield Fire Protection District, Plainfield park District, Plainfield Public Library.

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