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Top 5 reasons You Gave Up On Your New Year’s Resolution

Hi! We are Chris and Bridget - owners of Commit Fit in Plainfield. Most people fail for one of these 5 reasons - whether it be a fitness related goal or other type; there are many commonalities. We hope some of these hit home with you and you’re able to jump back on that resolution!  If you enjoy this read, you’ll also enjoy our upcoming event Wednesday, February 27th at 5pm at DNA athletics in downtown Plainfield where we will tell you the Top 3 Ways You Are Training Your Core Incorrectly and you will get the opportunity to try a Pilates reformer!

Without further ado, here are the top 5 reasons you have given up on your New Year's Resolution:

  1. Lack of accountability
  2. You didn’t schedule it
  3. You didn’t prioritize it in your budget
  4. You didn’t see results
  5. An unexpected obstacle occurred

1. Lack of Accountability

Accountability can come in different forms, but it’s one of the most important tools for success in sticking with a goal.

Perhaps you gave up on your New Year’s Resolution because you didn’t have any accountability at all or maybe you asked a friend to do it with you, but they flaked and made it easier for you to lose consistency as well. Next time you set a goal, enlist a friend who you know will take keeping you accountable seriously or hire a professional in the field whose job IS to keep people accountable. Many people justify that they “shouldn’t need” to pay someone - that they “should be able” to do it on their own. Maybe for some people that is true, but look at YOUR history- do you need extra accountability? You already know the answer.

2. You Didn't Schedule It

When it comes to our day to day, we have appointments for work, our kids activities, the dentist, our hair... the list goes on and on... and we are a busy society. So when you decided the things you would change about your behavior this year, did you schedule it? Did you make time? For those of you who have given up already, the answer is probably no. Deciding you want to make a change is only the first step. Prioritizing that change and putting it in your schedule is the only way to ensure you’ll have time for it.

3. You Didn't Prioritize It In Your Budget

Take a look at your bank statement. It should become very evident right away the things that are important to you. We work hard for our money - so how we spend that money is a perfect reflection of our priorities.  Think back to your New Year’s resolutions... how much money did you budget monthly to achieve those goals?  Now compare that amount to other things in that bank statement. You’ll know immediately if there is an imbalance. You can’t say something is important to you and mean it if you’re not willing to spend money on it - but are willing to spend that money elsewhere (on things you’ve never listed as important). Enlisting a professional can be “expensive” yes. But for every goal you set there is an option within your budget.  That could mean a ton of free YouTube research with the purchase of a few items or it could mean hiring someone who will walk you through the process step by step and hold you accountable the whole way. Next time you set a goal, put it in your budget too or it’s not really important!

4. You Didn't See Results

Many people give up on their resolutions because they didn’t really see the results they were after. Honestly, this probably happened because of 1,2, or 3... but in the event that you did all of those things and still didn’t get your desired outcome - it’s important to remember that good things take time. You didn’t build your bad habits into bad habits over night. It’s only February- get back into your routine and don’t give up! You need to prove to yourself that you have some level of discipline even when it’s not fun or easy anymore!

5. An Unexpected Obstacle Occurred

Sometimes we can really get in a groove with our new, good habits- and then, something derails us. Maybe an injury, a death in the family, or a change in our schedule or career. These types of obstacles can be incredibly difficult to overcome, but it’s important not to throw in the towel completely. Be realistic about what you CAN accomplish as you cope with this life event, do the best you can without being hard on yourself, and make a plan to return to your good habits as soon as possible. Life is hard and can blindside us at times, which can make it difficult to focus on stuff that seems “trivial”... but let’s be honest, if you wrote it down as a resolution- it was never trivial. It matters to you- so find a way to get back to it.

Have a Healthy Day!

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Have a Healthy Day!