July 2013 50/50 Winner - Rochelle Mons Larson - Legal Shield

Rochelle Mons Larson
Plainfield, IL 60586
(815) 530-0935
LegalShield Attorney’s and GoSmallBiz Consultants help you SOLVE business problems, FIND answers and information, and ACQUIRE GUIDANCE in every area of business operations and development. The GoSmallBiz.com website has thousands of pages of valuable information, plus videos and other resources to help you create solutions, train personnel and grow your business.
Let us help you….
How to GET more customers- best strategies for internet marketing, promotions, business & professional networking, advertising, service new market niches…
How to RETAIN customers- and how to increase customer buying frequency or volume, improving customer loyalty, creating relationships with customers
How to REDUCE Taxes- income, federal & state, excise, utility, real estate, employee; tax forms and FAQ’s.
How to SOLVE-technology issues, partnership difficulties, financing complications, employee discipline or performance issues, business-government challenges, property issues, legal challenges, customer complaints, etc.
How to EVALUATE-contract terms, technology, marketing strategies, financing options, shipping alternatives, training programs, pension plans, etc.
How to REDUCE Risks-Legal risks-from customers, partners, vendors and suppliers, employees, internet, neighbors, etc.
Insurance risks-property, equipment, vehicles, operations, (safety, training, documentation and record-keeping), identity theft and many others.
How to FIND better- financing terms, insurance policies, repair service, software, consultant, employee, etc.
How to MANAGE- time, money, employees, partners, technology, data, customers, contractors, consultants, equipment, tenants, premises, product demand, etc.
How to MANAGE Cash-how to limit the number, duration and size of receivables, rescheduling expenses, evaluating revenue flows, pricing alternatives, creating a better business plan…
Rochelle Mons-Larson
Legal & Identity Theft Services Consultant
Small Business & Employee Benefits Specialist
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