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N.S.E.W Asphalt Maintenance Co
Rogelio Del Real
720 Prairie St. Aurora IL, 60506
N.S.E.W Asphalt Maintenance Co.
N.S.E.W Asphalt Maintenance Co. began as a simple dream and since then has become a reality.
“When it comes to asphalt repairs you can be certain in N.S.E.W. Asphalt Maintenance has the expertise to get the job done right the first time. We have the knowledge and experience to correctly identify the causes of your pavement failures and specify the most effective solution for repairing defective areas. Our crew is highly qualified and competent in all phases of work from beginning to end. We also have the best equipment, materials and resources available to insure the highest quality job.” 
As a company, we strive for the success of our customers by offering a free estimate and a unique pay plan to benefit the customer’s needs.  We specialize in asphalt pavement sealcoating, paving patching and crack filling (Residential and commercial.) We also have special services, which include and are not limited to power washing, snow plowing, general landscaping services, cleaning gutters, foundation patching, pavement marking and edging. A list of complete services can be located by call or through an e-mail.
Asphalt pavement is an excellent investment to any property. It raises your property’s value by enhancing the property’s appearance. Getting your property sealed prevents edge deterioration to occur from environmental distress and chemicals. Asphalt pavement protects your property and budget.
 We value each customer’s unique need by setting up an appointment and inspecting the property before every job. Every asphalt pavement deserves a long life that is why as a company we offer one-year warranty for any mishap that your property may have. We use the best coal tar sealer to protect your asphalt pavement against any type of weather and other type of damaging elements. Our seal resists gas, oil, salt and chemical penetration. Asphalt pavement only need to be sealed once every three years that is why it gives us great joy to seal. N.S.E.W Asphalt Maintenance Co. is a family business, who has your best interest at heart. 
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